Inspection №4: piles of garbage and a construction tractor among vacationers – or how goes on the beach season on the beach “Chortory”

The bathing season is in full swing, for which the capital’s utility company PLESO (Utility company of the executive body Kyiv City Council on protection, maintenance and operation of lands of the water fund of Kyiv )has prepared 10 beaches. At least that’s what it was stated . Millions of budget funds are allocated for each of these beaches, which, as with the history of reconstruction of Kyiv parks, is unknown where they are going.

Currently, “Active Citizens” have decided to visit with their own inspection on one of the prepared PLESO for visitors to the beaches – “Chortory”, which is in the Desnyansky district of the capital. Immediately note that at the time of publication of the material PLESO no longer recommended to swim there.

Chortory Strait is located northeast of the North Bridge and separates the islands of Trukhaniv and Muromets from the left bank of the Dnieper, which is the largest residential area of ​​Kiev – Troieschyna. In fact, the beach has a rather indirect relation to Chortory ,as it is located five hundred meters from the strait and also on the other – the opposite side of the island of Trukhanov. The water here is flowing from the main flow of the Dnieper, which causes its lower temperature, as well as a fairly rapid flow. The total area of ​​the beach, according to PLESO is 5.14 hectares.

Work on the overhaul of landscaping elements and clearing of the reservoir of the recreation area “Chortory” began in December last year. At least then, the company that won the tender for more than 25 million budget hryvnias – PE “Spets-Kom”, according to the terms of the contract, should start executing them. However, after winning the “difficult” confrontation with the only competitor in the auction – Avionics-Techno LLC, which also did not want to reduce the price of its offer by a penny, entrepreneurs from PE “Spets-Com” decided to rest a bit. Finally, at the beginning of the new 2019, less than six months before the start of the bathing season, the project was implemented by only 20% of the total.

However, that is not all. The city on the Dnieper, with its already odious leader in large-scale construction, Vitali Klitschko, has, to put it mildly, overestimated its own capabilities. Simply put, after the start of the development of funds for the construction of a “selfie-bicycle bridge”, the money in the budget began to gradually run out and from April this year from the general contractor poured additional agreements to the contract with the wording, such as: approved relevant budget allocations “. The bridge was completed – appropriations reappeared, entrepreneurs began to work.

But another thing is interesting, the term of works is defined in the contract, which is 150 calendar days from the date of signing (December 3, 2018) in any of the additional agreements is not specified, ie has not changed and is valid today. Thus, the work was to be officially completed on May 2, 2019.
However, arriving at the site on July 3 (212 days after the official start of work), we found only mountains of building materials and dreaming builders everywhere. The only thing that the contractors have managed to do so far is to pave the pavement along the water’s edge, and this work has not been done 100% yet. As for the tile itself, or more precisely about the expediency of its placement here, we have only conjectures and assumptions are far from rosy. In the publication about the reconstruction of the Florence embankment in Rusanivka district,we have already talked about paving the sidewalks with expensive patterned cobblestones, which resembles a business scheme with filling one well-known city plant with orders.

And if in a residential area the paving of millions of hryvnias into the ground with expensive decorative cobblestones can still be explained, in terms of at least the same, albeit extremely expensive, but aestheticism, then why on the sand cobblestones with patterns, one Vitaly Vladimirovich knows. Recently, this paving, which is produced by only one plant in the capital, is laid everywhere in the city, which leads to an unequivocal conclusion about a certain unofficial condition of the project documentation for landscaping – the laying of decorative paving.

After walking 200 meters on the cobblestones, we found ourselves on the white fine-grained sand, it is soft and warms up quickly, so it is quite comfortable to lie here. The only thing that can distract you from rest is a construction tractor that drives here from time to time – as the builders have to finish the work.
Despite the fact that construction work continues, the beach is officially operational – there is official information on the website of UC (utility company) PLESO. Rescuer Serhiy even works on the beach.

The man told “active citizens” that he was here every day from 10:00 to 19:00, patrolling the area, making sure that people did not swim behind the buoys: “The current is serious .If you go too far, you will be blown away immediately. «Serhiy is a military man with excellent first aid skills, but warns that in order to count on help, you need to follow the basic rules of behavior on the water – do not overcool, do not drink alcohol, do not swim behind restrictive floats, and so on. “I’m alone here, and look what at the size of the territory! You always have to be careful on the water. In Kyiv, 70 people have drowned since the beginning of the bathing season… There was also one drowning man on this beach – an elderly man. His heart could not withstand the change in temperature and he died, “the rescuer told us the tragic story.

As for the plastic garbage and bottles that we found on the territory of the recreation area, the employee of UC PLESO explained that garbage is collected and taken out here, but every night young people “actively” rest here and have to start all work again in the morning.

Ordinary vacationers are less optimistic about the state of the recreation and tourism zone. Mostly, these are older people who come here by public transport. “And where else will I go? – says Mr. Alexander, – Here, because it is easier to get here and the beach is free. I used to rest on the other side, where river Desenka is, but everything is blocked there, there is no passage there, then I’m here. Beach? Well, you can see for yourself what a beach, what to say ,here is dirty! ”

Another experienced vacationer, Mr. Mykhailo, approached the question of the quality of the beach infrastructure worth UAH 25 million more philosophically: “Well, what? Well, they do. You see, something else is being built there, everything will be. I think it will be possible to have a normal rest before the elections, and this is temporary. ”

Summing up the results of our audit, we turned to a unified evaluation criterion – the availability of the minimum necessary benefits, which were determined on its website by the balance holder of all city beaches UC PLESO:
* medical center, where doctors and paramedics are on duty – is absent;
* rescue post (usually a tower at the water’s edge, where a professional rescuer is on duty, under the close and continuous supervision of which visitors are; an experienced rescuer, even by the nature of human movements in the water can determine whether a person is sick and needs help) – available;
* fountain with drinking water, which is monitored for its quality and safety – no;
* properly equipped public toilet – no;
* places for changing clothes – no;
* infrastructure for service and recreation of people with special needs – no.
The result: 1/6 – unsatisfactory!

Given this, as well as the above problems, there was no particular desire to dive into the water. However, without this material on water recreation would be incomplete and incomplete. On the good side I can note that the water is warm and even transparent near the shore, its quality is much higher than on similar beaches downstream of the Dnieper.

Already in the water we managed to see a special tool that cleans the bottom of algae, so over time the problem has a chance to be solved. As for the negative moments, it is, of course, rubbish (agree that it is not very pleasant to go into the water, where a bottle or cigarette butt floats next to you); despite the operation of the machine, smaller greens still remain in places, in which the legs become entangled; there is no wooden path to the water, so after going ashore your feet are immediately covered with sand batter, and it is also impossible to wash it all away – because there is no shower.
The result: 2/5 – unsatisfactory.

Підсумок: 2/5 – незадовільно.

Dmitry Perov , founder of the NGO “Green Minute”


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