The State Environmental Inspectorate of the Capital District has filed a lawsuit against «Kyivvodokanal» for failing to allow inspectors.

What is special about our officials and businessmen? That they try to do everything secretly, or at least to inform the public as little as possible, if possible only the facts that speak in their favor. And “active citizens “consistently extract facts that for some reason are hidden by officials and businessmen.

How the case of poisoning of peasants near Vyshgorod by “Gavrilovsky chickens” was dismissed.

“Agromars” -it is a sad story. That case has simply overflowed the cup of patience. Storks fly to these fields. Flies are like sparrows. The blood of slaughtered birds flows into the Irpin River, ”said Oleksandr Lupeyko, a lawyer and expert at the International Fund «Risk Reduction» ,at a recent press conference on the anniversary of the once resonant «Agromars case».

Inspection №5: Reconstruction of Park “Natalka” situated in Obolon district that costs $7 million and it is not finished yet.

The team of Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko easily spends tens of millions of hryvnias from our taxes on supposedly necessary things - reconstruction of parks, beaches, and cultural facilities. But more and more often Kyivans and guests of the capital notice that the millions spent are not visible in reality. “Active Citizens” are inspecting such facilities to see where our money has gone.

Forced photomodels. Saving animals from abuse by street photographers.

Photographing with wild animals, the so-called "contact zoos " and using animals in circuses, especially the travelling ones, is a shameful phenomenon that is still widespread in different cities of Ukraine.

Crossing the bridge is prohibited! Ukrzaliznytsia reports on funds spent on the renovation of the Kyiv Children’s Railway.

On June 1, The International Children's day, after more than six months of reconstruction, the Kyiv Children's Railway resumed its work. However, not all of its facilities are now available for visiting. After the publication of the "Active Citizens" article, the railway administration restricted traffic through the railway bridge, now the passage can be used exclusively by trains – pedestrian traffic is prohibited.