Two years without our photojournalist Dmytrii Fortunatov.

Dmitry got through Euromaidan from the first protest on Bankova Street, filming the confrontation between the street and the police from that grader, from the beating of students by Berkut officers, when he was also attacked and was the victim in this case, to the burning of the Trade Unions Building and the shooting of the Heavenly Hundred.

Courts are massively disrupting deadlines of proceedings in cases. Unexpected causes and bitter consequences.

The amendments to the Constitution on administration of justice entered into force on September 30, 2016. This became the official commencement of system alteration that outlived its usefulness over 25 years of independence and at the same time compromised by the lack of trust on the part of the population.

“Kyivzelenbud” allows the commercial structure to earn free of charge from the operation of the Pechersk Landscape Park.

An eloquent example of the inefficient use of available resources by the current Kyiv authorities is demonstrated by the Kyiv Municipal Association for Green Construction and Operation of Green Instructions in Kyivzelenbud.

Contrary to UNESCO requirements and without permits, they are trying to build “Kyiv Switzerland” near the St. Kirillovskaya Church.

The company of the scandalous developer Volodymyr Zubyk - Intergal-Bud - resumed construction work in the UNESCO buffer zone. In order to avoid possible conflicts with local residents and representatives of regulatory authorities, a minibus with young sportsmen quickly went to the scene.

The case of the sports club Voskhod: judges can legalize the scheme of free transfer of state property.

The public organization demanded from the Commercial Court of Kyiv to invalidate the results of the auction, invalidate the contracts of sale of property and cancel the state registration of real estate rights