Zelenska cited examples of violent crimes committed by the Russian military against Ukrainians.

She told how many criminal cases were officially registered on the facts of rape of citizens of Ukraine by Russian soldiers.

Witness: Russians did not give us a car, they shot at the house with Grad rockets.

Peremoha village, Brovary district, Kyiv region. During the month-long occupation by Russian troops in February-March 2022, the situation here was somewhat different than in other areas occupied by  Russian troops.

Witness: Russians shelled a 5-storey building near Kyiv with Grad rockets (Video).

У перші дні війни (на початку березня 2022 року) усі мешканці 5-поверхового житлового будинку в Калинівці, Макарівський район Київської області втратили свої квартири та майно. Вони не були партизанами, вони не перебували у лавах Збройних сил України чи територіальної оборони. Просто їхній будинок стояв за поворотом на Житомирську трасу

Witness: a resident of Buchi was shot for speaking and his family’s three houses were blown up.

These three burned-out houses stand in Bucha at the corner of Vokzalna Street, where a column of  Russian military equipment was hit in the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and Yablonska Street, where 36 civilians were killed during the month of Russian occupation.

The witness: «Why don’t you like Russians?», – they asked and blew up the house.

Residents of Andriyivka, Kyiv region, told how they lived for a month under the occupation of the Russian army and how Russian soldiers blew up residential buildings in memory of themselves. Here, too, there were facts of torture and killing of civilians.