Klytschko grabs two chairs, pretending to be real. Analysis of the press conference

Ukraine is now watching how the once world-famous boxer, and now the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klytschko, is trying in every way possible to stay in two seats – in the elected position of mayor of the capital, and in the position appointed head of the Kyiv City State Administration. And it is for this reason that on July 26 he convened a large press conference, the task of which, among other things, was to provide a refusal to the President’s Office to resign independently from the post of head of the Kyiv City State Administration and to tell about his achievements. Let’s try and understand these achievements.

Klytschko began one of his few press conferences as mayor by saying that Kyivites were trying to be deprived of the right to elect their city government.

“I am convinced that this situation is unconstructive, undemocratic and contradicts the essence of self-government“, Mr Klytschko said.

It has been said hundreds of times, but not everyone hears that the appointment of the head of the Kyiv City State Administration is regulated by the law “On the capital – the hero city of Kyiv“, as well as the mayoral election. And the law states: “Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration” and “Kyiv Mayor” are two different positions, and only one of them has the status of a civil servant. Paragraph 2 of Article 10 of this law states: “The head of the Kyiv City State Administration is appointed by the President of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.” But the Kyiv mayor, according to Article 13 of the law “On the capital” is elected by direct election.

“I said that the division of positions and the introduction of dual power in the capital is unconstitutional“, Klytschko continued.

We have not found a provision in the Constitution that stipulates that the head of a self-governing body must also be the executor of that body. Article 119, paragraph 6 of the Constitution of Ukraine only states that: “Local state administrations in the respective territory shall ensure interaction with local self-government bodies”. In the case of Kyiv, it is the Kyiv City Council, whose current chairman is Mr. Klytschko.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of times during the entire press conference, Mr. Klytschko repeated that the government is elected, not appointed. Power – yes. Performers are appointed. It is difficult to say whether he misleads people or whether he does not understand that these are two different positions.

“In 2003, the Constitutional Court, analyzing the provisions of the Constitution and the law” On the capital “, clearly stated that the chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration can only be a person elected by the Kyiv mayor,” said the mayor.

Indeed, there was such a meeting with such a decision. In 1996, by order of the President, Mr. Oleksandr Omelchenko was appointed Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration. This was before the entry into force of the law “On the capital”. However, the political will of the time wanted to see Mr. Omelchenko as mayor as well, so there was a petition to the Constitutional Court, which ruled and allowed the Constitution to be circumvented in Kyiv, namely: executive authorities do not have the right to combine their official activities with other work, in this case does not apply “- said in the resolution.

This was not an indulgence for Mr. Klytschko, it was not just a loophole to circumvent the main law of Ukraine – the Constitution. A loophole that combines public service with an elected position. A loophole, in fact, illegal, written for one person. And this person is not Mr. Klytschko, Mr. Omelchenko appears in the resolution.

“It is no secret that a wide-ranging discredit campaign has been launched against me. This is information about some contrived implementations against me. By the way, initiated by Yanukovych’s allies. Also, not a day goes by without one of the most rated channels mentioning the mayor of Kyiv with a bad word. Lies, manipulations, openly fabricated information. I have already said that to defend my honor and dignity in court. My brother and I filed a lawsuit against the 1 + 1 channel, which is watering us with mud. They decided not to stop at me and have already reached my brother Volodymyr,” – the mayor said.

This is the so-called case code-named for journalists “library” – a case of premises in the center of the capital at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, 34b. According to an investment agreement signed with the city authorities in 2005 by Larysa Hetman’s company for the reconstruction of this building, it was given over to a cultural object, such as a museum or library. But in 2013, the capital’s authorities did not extend the contract with Ms. Hetman, and the building went to the management of the nearby 11 Mirrors Hotel, which is run by Klytschko’s younger brother. Currently, this historic building is not used for its intended purpose, but only serves as a storage room for the hotel.

Ms. Larissa has launched her own lawsuit against influential brothers, and 1 + 1 TV channel only told the story on air. And then journalists from other publications learned that the rent marked “for cultural purposes” allowed the Klyschko brothers’ commercial enterprise to pay a minimum fee for a 4-storey building. It turned out that the budget received only 58 thousand hryvnias a month from this address.

Four days after the press conference of the mayor of Kyiv, on Tuesday, July 30, at an auction of two buyers, this 1,400-square-meter building in the city center was hastily sold for UAH 37.1 million. – ie for UAH 26,000 per 1 sq.m. The company that rented the premises after 2013 won. That is – the company of Wladimir Klytschko.

I have repeatedly said that one of the key tourist attractions, the pedestrian bridge, which we opened about two months ago, has become a tool of political struggle. Initially, the manipulations “Need – do not need”, “UNESCO permission – did not give”, “Stolen the project – did not steal”, “Stolen money – not stolen” began. The bridge is not worth four hundred million! This is the sum of several projects that were taken and pulled over the bridge. The bridge, as I stated, cost 270 million, and the same price remained”, – Mayor Klytschko touched upon the topic of a commendable, for many – scandalous glass bridge.

However, as it is not clear from the mayor’s words what amount he meant, we go to the public procurement site ProZoppo and look for a pedestrian and bicycle crossing between Khreschaty and Volodymyrska Hirka parks. There are already 30 tenders under this name, twenty-nine of which have already been completed.

Thus, there is the largest tender for UAH 260,469,795.00 ($9,4 mln) for construction works on the object: “Construction of a bridge pedestrian and bicycle crossing between Khreschatyi and Volodymyrska Hill parks in Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts.” Other tenders for various sums related to the construction of this bridge crossing should probably also be taken into account in this project, when we want to know the final amount into which this very, very important project turned out for the people of Kyiv.

Additional works for only one of the additional tenders were ordered for almost UAH 74 million. The tender is called: Purchase of additional works on the object: “Construction of a bridge pedestrian and bicycle crossing between the parks” Khreschaty “and” Vladimir Hill “in Pechersk and Shevchenkivsky districts” – UAH 73,814,913.48 ($2,6 mln).

Well, of course, Mr. Klytschko does not want to add to the total amount of the scandalous project small tenders for a couple of our millions. For example, Procurement of design works to adjust the design documentation for the object: “Construction of a bridge pedestrian and bicycle crossing between the parks” Khreschaty “and” Vladimir Hill “in Pechersk and Shevchenko districts” for UAH 9,500,672.94 ($340000).

And very briefly, I would like to emphasize what we have managed to do over the last five years. The capital was brought out of bankruptcy. I would like to remind you once again that we have more than tripled our budget. Twenty-six kindergartens were built. Eight state-of-the-art schools”, says the mayor.

If we consider the “Gymnasium A +” in the Dnieper district, which was built in 2018 on the territory of the “Comfort Town” residential complex by developers as a mandatory share, not every family will allow themselves to teach their child there. According to the publication of the portal abcnews.com.ua, the annual fee for one child here costs 150 thousand hryvnias. Therefore, this school is designed for only 600 students.

And where do other children from the Comfort Town LCD study? According to posts on social networks, as of July this year, in order for the special school with in-depth foreign language training to be able to accept additional students, this institution was left without status and the number of standard classes was expanded. In 2020, it is planned to close 10-11 grades in secondary schools №128, 137 and 182, which is needed to expand the number of junior and middle grades.

“Almost 900 kilometers of roads and driveways have been repaired, and we continue to upgrade the capital’s roads,” Klytschko continued.

“Active Citizens” in their blog “Roads in Ukraine Public Control” talked, for example, about the reconstruction of Tupolev Street, which began a year ago and was never completed. Few Kyivans need to be told about the impossibility of driving quickly on the South Bridge due to the condition of the asphalt pavement on it. And every year this bridge receives additional funding from the budget of Kyiv for road works. Well, the director of the Institute of Electric Welding, Borys Paton, almost “fixed” the words of the mayor’s head about “repaired” on Tuesday. He was forced to address the Servant of the People party with an official letter about the need for urgent reconstruction of the Paton Bridge. “Unfortunately, I have to state that despite the fact that the decisions made at the meetings of the Kyiv City State Administration and Kyivavtodor on the need for a detailed inspection of the technical condition of the main beams of the bridge and the development of its reconstruction project have not been implemented yet,” he said. in a letter published by the media.

“We have overhauled 41 departments in medical institutions, maternity hospitals, bought the most modern equipment because health is the most important thing that everyone has. We renovated 360 parks, granted the status of a park and square to more than 130 green areas, purchased 134 trolleybuses, 63 trams, 100 buses. Purchased 189 ambulances and special cars for medics. These are the numbers that can be seen, these are material things that people can see and feel”, – Mr. Klytschko continued to tell journalists at a press conference about the achievements at our expense.

Active citizens have not yet checked the condition of the capital’s hospitals. And here about a condition of several parks after reconstruction – wrote. What can be said… Hundreds of millions of budget funds have been spent, but somewhere unfinished, somewhere already fallen off, and somewhere the first criminal proceedings have been opened. Read: “Inspection №5: Reconstruction of Park “Natalka” situated in Obolon district that costs $7 million and it is not finished yet”

As for transport, probably everyone remembers the story with the Yuzhmash plant, which supplied tram cars to Kyiv and waited for more than six months for payment, until the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky intervened. And then another scandal – in the new tenders from the Kiev authorities for the purchase of transport qualification conditions are spelled out in such a way that the Ukrainian manufacturer can not participate in them. That is, tenders are pre-registered for foreign suppliers, and they will be more expensive.

Finally, Klytschko had to answer questions about Vadim Stolar:

Manipulations are constantly going on. I want to say once again that no one influences me to make decisions, only the will of Kyiv. And I work exclusively in the legislative field. This is the first. As for Mr. Stolar’s personality, he is not an official of the Kyiv City Administration, he is not a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, and thus he cannot influence any decisions that take place in the city of Kyiv. And all the information that Klytschko does not run the city is pure manipulation. Decisions are made exclusively in my office, and I am personally responsible for all the decisions that are made”.

Probably no one here will argue that Mr. Klytschko is personally responsible for the current state of affairs in Kyiv. And it doesn’t matter as the mayor of the capital or the head of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Video from the press conference

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