Before the session of the Kyiv City Council, a decision on Zhukiv Island and the sources of the Nyvka River was prepared and was tried to submit

Recently, the Standing Committees of the Kyiv City Council hold many times fewer meetings. Perhaps this is due to the precarious position of the mayor and at the same time the head of the Kyiv City State Administration Vitali Klitschko, and possibly the season vacations. Thus, in the last two weeks, a meeting of several commissions was held, at which Kyiv City Council deputies had to consider a number of scandalous topics. But there were not enough deputies for everything.

The fate of the sources of the river Nyvka and Zhukiv island

On July 24, 2019 a meeting of the Commission on Environmental Policy was held, which became the commission’s first in a calendar month. Among the many accumulated issues overcame the agenda of the unit. The first and, we can say, the victory of the community was the approval of the draft decision for further voting at the session of the Kyiv City Council “On declaring the source of the Nyvka River a complex natural monument of local significance.” This issue was considered first, as a large number of activists came to support. And the deputy of the Kyiv City Council from VO “Svoboda” Igor Miroshnichenko insisted on the priority consideration of the situation with the river.

“The issue of consideration of this object has been repeatedly raised by the commission. These are two ponds, which are the source of the Nyvka River and which have been repeatedly declared as the object of a man-made ecological catastrophe. In order for the PLESO utility company to be able to better protect the nature reserve that exists there, including waterfowl and vegetation, I propose to declare the source of the Nyvka River as a complex natural monument of local significance, as part of the natural area of ​​Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv, – Miroshnychenko emphasized.

The municipal administration, in turn, expressed support for the draft decision on granting the status of a nature reserve fund, but stressed that first it is necessary to “physically clear the area.” Of course, this was perceived by the community as an attempt to delay decision-making while this natural area is under actual threat of development. About what activists reported more than once.

“In fact, if we make a decision today or in a week, nothing will change. This draft decision is designed to make any construction impossible. Because one of the three ponds is leased from the developer and one of the main problems of these ponds is rent, Mr. Miroshnychenko continued. And what gives the status of a complex monument of local significance in practice? How can this help protect the territory? According to the Law of Ukraine on the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, in accordance with Chapter 6 of Art. 28: “Continuous, gradual, reforestation and clear-cutting, removal of clutter, hunting and any other activity that threatens the preservation or leads to degradation or change of their original condition are prohibited on the territory of natural monuments… Owners or users of land, water and other natural objects declared nature monuments, undertake to ensure the regime of their protection and preservation. ” That is, this decision of the Kyiv City Council may completely make it impossible to build up the territory and, accordingly, any large-scale construction works will be automatically declared illegal. Speaking in human language, the ponds will remain in their normal natural state and the ecosystem will not be affected.

Fortunately, the members of the commission unanimously made this decision. The activists present greeted the news with sincere applause. After all, even such a small victory is of great importance when we talk about ecology. But ahead of the vote at the Kyiv City Council session, the question of how the majority of the once pro-government Solidarity party will behave: will it be for the environment or for construction.

The second issue raised by the Commission on Environmental Policy was the proposal to declare the territory of the so-called Koncha-Zaspa – Zhukiv Island a landscape reserve of local significance. The territory of the island of Zhukiv in Holosiivskyi district is almost 600 hectares, which are not provided for ownership or use. This area is home to roe deer, moose and more than 25 species of fish. Many animals that are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine live here. But now this area has long been associated by people not with rare species of flora and fauna, but with scandalous buildings.

Back in 1999, the decision of the Kyiv City Council created this landscape reserve. But at its sessions on August 22 and October 1, 2007, the Kyiv City Council reduced the area of ​​the reserve nine times, from 1,794 hectares to 196.36 hectares. The entire territory seized from the reserve was divided between two dozen developers. One of the confiscated land plots was handed over by the Kyiv City Council to AV-Medgroup LLC. According to the capital’s media, the company is backed by Oleksandr Prognimak, a former Kyiv City Council deputy, former first deputy head of the Kyiv city branch of the Party of Regions, and now leader of the Greens, who headed the Kyiv State Environmental Protection Department at the time. Also among those who cut plots for buildings in the protected area were the names of oligarch Dmytro Firtash and Kyiv City Council deputy Oleksandr Bohatyriov, the son of former Health Minister Raisa Bohatyriova.

After a series of lawsuits initiated by the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office and the National Ecological Center of Ukraine, which indicated that the Kyiv City Council’s decision was made in gross violation of the law (contrary to the Kyiv Master Plan, without agreement with the Ministry of Environment and scientific justification for reducing the reserve), in May In 2010, the Supreme Court of Ukraine put an end to the case, and the area of ​​the reserve remained reduced…

Landscape reserve will make any construction impossible. This will be the largest reserve in the Kyiv region. This decision was also made unanimously and can be considered one of the key actions in the field of environmental policy of the city in recent times. Again, if the deputies of the Kyiv City Council vote for it.

In general, on July 24, 2019, the commission was to consider the electronic petition №7430 “To provide the land plot at the corner of Andriyivsky Uzviz and vul. Borychiv Tick of the status of Art Square named after soloist of the Paris Opera, Hero of Ukraine Vasyl Slipak “; legality of construction of dolphinarium “Nemo” on the street. Academician Zabolotny, 37; the initiative of the residents of the Troieschyna microdistrict regarding the creation of a green zone (square) on the land plot on the street Balzac (Near the Church of the Intercession) in the Desnianskyi district of Kyiv and many initiatives for new parks.

There are no roads, and there is a program for the development of transport infrastructure

On the last day of July, a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Transport, Communications and Advertising was held. There were also a lot of topical issues here, but not all of them were considered. Among the fifty issues on the approved agenda, the deputies managed to consider only three. Not least because of the protracted disputes over the new City Target Program for the Development of Transport Infrastructure of Kyiv for 2019-2023.

This document, which has been revised more than once, should determine the further development of the capital’s transport system until 2023. First Deputy Director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure Ivan Shpylovy, trying to push the document to the session of the Kyiv City Council, said “there is no limit to perfection, but if you constantly make changes to the document and do not accept it, there will be no result.”

In turn, there were enough complaints against the Department regarding the vague wording of the results of its activities, if any. “The result is an improvement of Kyiv’s roads. This is ridiculous! – for example, the first deputy chairman of the commission Prokhor Antonenko (VO “Svoboda”) spoke about what was written in the program. – Do you consider everyone idiots here? Write the program normally. It should be general, comprehensive. What will change in Kyiv? And not somewhere asphalt was transferred – we now have new asphalt in Kyiv. Geniuses “.

There was an opinion about taking into account the world European experience in solving the city’s transport problems, as well as to transfer Kyiv residents to electric scooters, the rental points of which can be installed at public transport stops according to the “last mile” system. According to the general director of the Kyivpastrans utility company Serhiy Maizel, this will help Kyiv residents and make the city more attractive for tourists.

“Over the last two years, this infrastructure has developed so much in the world that companies that have entered this market have begun to earn more than billions. And for people it will be very convenient and useful for the environment. I think we still need to follow the development of world standards and add things that should make our city more pleasant for tourists and residents. ”

Some of the deputies noted that the world’s know-how is cool, but there are simpler things in Kyiv that are in critical condition, and it would be worth starting with them. “I recommend everyone to go to Osokorky or Poznyaky. On some streets. It’s not that electric vehicles, it’s impossible to walk there. Therefore, in order to discuss global world trends, it is first necessary to build normal roads. Because people really can’t move on Osokorki by transport. You say that it is dangerous to travel by public transport, so we do not allow transport there. And it is impossible to go there by private transport. People dig hatches at the bottom, break wheels… When we don’t have low curbs to cross the road, what kind of electric transport can we talk about ?! ” – the deputy Igor Miroshnichenko who also attended meeting of this commission noted.

Therefore, the second deputies decided to consider the issue of highways in critical condition. Roads on Urlivska, Yelyzaveta Chavdar, Hryhoriy Vashchenko and Sofiya Rusova streets in Darnytskyi district are united by a common problem. The fact is that they are owned by the developer and thus are not the responsibility of the city. And since the specified developer did not care about them, the territory became literally impassable – unsuitable for movement by any vehicle. That is why the commission voiced an opinion on the acceptance of these streets into communal ownership.

The third very important decision was changes in the order of signs. Entrepreneurs will now have a simplified filing system. And in fact, what special agencies were doing for extra money, entrepreneurs will be able to do on their own. According to the head of the Advertising Department Oleksandr Smirnov, people will be able to install advertising signs much easier, but in accordance with current standards. Concerned about the excess of their number and the trend of its growth in the capital, Smirnov said that in fact now the number of signs has even decreased compared to previous years. Recall that the Office of Advertising has no possibility to impose any penalties and therefore simply dismantles the illegal advertising sign in case it is detected.

The question of adopting new rules for the use of the subway has been postponed. Because this is not a discussion for one hour.

Mikhail Sheviryov

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