There is a sewage pipe on the banks of the Dnieper, but it is not on the paper of officials​

After a long pause caused by torrential rains for several weeks in a row, vacationers in large cities and small towns reached out to local recreation areas. Residents of the capital’s Rusanivka and Bereznyaki districts are no exception. This year the capital’s leaders delighted the residents of the Left Bank of the capital with the end of the long-suffering reconstruction of the Dnieper embankment.

However, it is not easier for people. According to locals, there are already two restaurants and a car wash in Rusanivka that do not have a connection to the centralized sewerage system at all.

Walking along the canal of the same name, people always have to observe the results of their “fruitful” work. The last such case was recorded on May 16, when the waters of the canal were filled with an incomprehensible brown liquid with a characteristic odor and elements of Rusanivka. Look, this is a crime that the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources and law enforcement agencies are turning a blind eye to! ”Local activist Ella wrote on her Facebook page. According to the public activist, the controlling bodies are fully aware of who are the real culprits of the problem, however, for some reason, they do not take any action to stop the crime.

Not the best thing on the other side of the Rusanov channel. Literally, 500 m from the fountains of the same name and near the Dnieper embankment, Kyiv residents and guests of the capital will have another surprise today. However, so unpleasant. A huge sewer drain is hidden in the thickets of bushes and various household rubbish, which fills the Dnieper with its specific water content. No less specific is the aroma that forms it, so to speak, this plumbing object. The stench is felt from the water to the pedestrian alley concluded a year ago and to the new benches installed on it for rest, from which in winter, in the absence of greenery, you can see the drainpipe itself. The cobblestones were laid, and the pipe was probably forgotten…


From the Dnieper, the pipe goes in the direction of the shopping and office center “Silver breeze”, located nearby in Bereznyaki. The connection of the shopping center’s networks with this pipe is evidenced by the uncovered exits from the sewer mine, the direction of which can be traced behind the hatches all the way to the building of the recently built park of the commercial center.

According to the official data of Kyivvodokanal, today the city uses a separate waste sewerage system, which includes household and storm sewer networks. Therefore, to find out the true origin of sewage and the affiliation of the pipe on the Dnieper embankment to one or another type of network and to find the real culprit of the environmental disaster, Active Citizens sent relevant information requests to regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with certain issues.

Thus, the Department of Construction of the Dniprovskyi District State Administration in Kyiv stated that it had not issued a permit and approved the construction of drainage facilities for the Silver Breeze shopping and office center to the Dnipro River, and the relevant area along the Dniprovska embankment from the intersection with Sobornosti Avenue. intersection with Pavel Tychyna Avenue is maintained and serviced by Municipally owned corporation PLESO.


At the same time, according to the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration), provided in response to our other request, the pipe leading from the shopping and office center to the Dnieper River and any sewage without any which treatment directly reaches the Dnieper, belongs to the storm sewer. However, according to the same Municipally owned corporation PLESO, which is responsible for the sanitary and epidemiological condition of this section of the Dnieper coastline, they are not registered in this section of any storm sewer pipe.

Paradoxically, however, according to the answers of the city authorities, the pipe through which sewage flows every minute directly into the Dnieper, physically exists along its entire length, already on the shore officials do not see it… “Department of Construction of the Dnieper district in Kyiv state administration did not issue a permit and did not approve the arrangement of drainage facilities of the shopping and office center “Silver breeze” to the Dnieper River, “- said the Dnieper Regional State Administration in response to a request.

We will remind you that in a week or two on capital beaches and in recreation areas the official opening of a beach season will take place. Will Municipally owned corporation PLESO still be able to find the source of sewage directly into the Dnieper River on the embankment of the same name and eliminate it?

Dmitry Perov , founder of the NGO “Green Minute”

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